Centre Dental Provides Covid-19-Safe Services

Centre Dental Provides Covid-19-Safe Services

Before Your Appointment:

       Our staff member will call/text each and every patient a series of screening questions to make sure every arriving patient is healthy.  Each patient will be asked the same questions at the door to make sure nothing has changed since the phone call.  In addition we will take your temperature at the door. We will not allow anyone who has fever or other respiratory sysmptoms enter our office.  Please keep your mask on all the time.  Besides patients, we only allow one guardian to enter the office if needed. Upon entering, while keep your mask on please remove your gloves and use hand sanitizer at Sanitizer Station.  If you need to use pens or restroom keys, please make sure to deposit them in a recycling blue box after use. We are a paperless office.  If you are a new patient, please make sure to pre-register at Centredent.com (select "Patient Portal").  When you receive our texting request, please accept the service so that we can alert you the real time appointment availability to minimize the wait time in office. 

At Your Appointment: 

        All our staff wear PPEs including KN95 masks, face shields, goggles, disposable gloves and gowns.  All surfaces are either covered by plastics or strictly disinfected after each patient.  In addition, we provide your personal disposable eye goggle to protect your eyes if you don't wear a goggle already.  We will provide a plastic bag for you to keep your belongs and used mask chairside. During procedure, we take steps to minimize aerosol generation in the room.  The room air and all surfaces are thoroghly disinfected and all plastic coverings are changed after each use. 

After Your Appointment:

      Please make sure to schedule your next appointment at the receiption area.  You will notice that we have installed sneeze guards to protect our receptionists.  Please notify our office immediately if you realize you have inadvertently contacted a Covid-19 positive individule before your dental visit so taht we can be prepared to test our staff or dentist to rule out potential risks. 

By following ADA, CDC, and OSHA guidelines, we work hard to make sure your visit at our office is as safe as it can be for everyone involved.  Please do not put off your dental care.  Please understand that your dental health is an important part of your gerneal health.  Let's work together to beat the pandemic, and enjoy great health and wellbeing.