Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment in NYC

What is full mouth reconstruction, rehabilitation, or restoration (FMR)?

Full mouth reconstruction is a the process of rebuilding or simultaneously restoring all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. It is not a single dental treatment. Rather, it is a variety of treatments and procedures performed over time, strategically sequenced, and all are focused on restoring you lost dental functions and smiles.
When you undergo full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Shi uses restorative, regenerative, and transitional dental procedures to correct issues like:

.Missing teeth due to severe decay
.Damaged or fractured teeth caused by accidents or trauma
.Worn down teeth from long-term acid erosion, medications, acid reflux, or teeth grinding
.Gum disease resulting in receding gums and loose teeth
.Problems with bite alignment
.Teeth which are stained, misshapen, and not proportional to your other teeth

A full mouth reconstruction resolves issues with your teeth, gums, and bone structure that may cause pain or difficulty eating and speaking. Although the procedures may be similar to those involved in a smile makeover, you need these procedures to eat normally and live without pain.

What types of procedures are used for full mouth reconstruction?

Dr. Shi may recommend one or more of the following procedures to restore your mouth to proper functionality:
● Teeth cleaning and cavity repair● TMJ treatment● Orthognathic surgery● Periodontal treatment● Dental implants including all-on-X● Soft tissue or bone grafting● Temporary or transitional dentures● Crowns, bridges, veneers● Root canals, and reparative endodontics● Other advanced oral surgeries involving other specialists.

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How long does full mouth reconstruction take?

The extent of restoration and number of procedures will determine how long your full mouth reconstruction process takes. From several months to well over a year, it's important that you are prepared for the time commitment this may require.