Laser Dentistry Treatment in NYC

What is Solea laser?

Solea, an advanced new dental laser technology that is virtually replacing the needle, drill, and scalpel in the dental office. Solea can accommodate patients of all ages and procedures of all kinds—without the need for anesthetic in most cases.

Why Solea is a great option? 

The Solea laser takes the drill, the needle, the noise and the pain out of dental visits.

● Virtually free of the needle and the sound of the drill: With Solea, there’s no need to feel anxious anymore. The dental laser is quiet, reliably free of the needle, drill, blood, and pain and for the majority of procedures you won’t have to worry about waiting for anesthetic to set in.● Quick, easy, and done in a single visit: Because of how fast Solea works, most procedures can be completed in just minutes and there is usually no need for a second appointment. This takes away the frustration of having to sit in the chair for hours, and allows you to have more time to enjoy your day.● Able to get you back to your day in minutes: As a result of reliably anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures, you will be able to leave the office—without that uncomfortable, numb sensation—almost immediately after your dentist completes the procedure.

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