Wisdom Teeth Treatment in NYC

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars in the far back region of your mouth. Although most people have four of them, you may not have all of them. When jaw space is adequate, they can erupt fully. However, for most patients, the jaw space is limited so they become partially impacted or fully impacted.

Does everyone need to have wisdom teeth removed?

Due to oral hygiene challenges around wisdom teeth, most patient may develop infections around wisdom teeth (pericoronitis) if they are erupted or partially impacted. However, if they are fully impacted and they do not exert abnormal pressure to the adjacent teeth, extraction is not necessary. To be sure, you should ask your dentist for professional assessment.

How to treat wisdom teeth infection or pain?

When an infection develops around a wisdom tooth, the pain is unbearable, and immediate attention is required. If you wait too long, the infection may get worse, and may spread to other area of your oral cavity, a dangerous situation. When this occurs, your dentist can offer one of the three treatment options: 1) Antibiotics and pain medicine; 2) Operculectomy to remove infective tissue; 3) Removal of the wisdom tooth.
Each treatment option has its own pros and cons, and your dentist can decide which one is the best for you.

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What is Operculectomy?

An operculum is an extra flap of gum tissue that covers part of the chewing surface of a tooth. This common dental condition is found mostly in teenagers and young adults and mostly in relation to the wisdom teeth as they erupt.
In the majority of cases, as the wisdom teeth erupt, the operculum moves away and recedes as the tooth comes in. However, when there is insufficient space for a tooth to emerge, the operculum will continue to partially cover the tooth.
If this happens, various complications can occur. Cheek biting is the most common complication, as the operculum is close to the cheek. Tooth decay can also occur as a result of bacteria trapped beneath the dental operculum. The most serious of these complications is pericoronitis.
To treat this condition, Centre Dental uses the most advanced laser to remove the infected operculum, often without the need for injections or sutures. This procedure is specially helpful when a patient has important event in the next few days, and tooth extraction recovery may ruin the event. It is also recommended for travelers. Laser Operculectomy recovery is fast and easy.

Why choose Dr. Shi to remove your wisdom teeth?

Dr. Shi has developed a non-invasive approach to wisdom tooth extraction that can avoid or minimize cutting into jawbone and gum tissue whenever possible, as well as provide nitrous oxide for phobic patients.
To help patients heal faster, Dr. Shi offers PRF treatment in conjunction with wisdom teeth removal to speed up the healing, reduce pain and prevent dry-socket. This is especially helpful if a patient is a smoker. If the roots are curved around the nerve, Dr. Shi may recommend partial extraction to avoid potential complications.