Teeth Whitening Treatment in NYC

What types of tooth discoloration does teeth whitening correct?

As you age, your teeth naturally get darker as the enamel -- which covers them-- wears away. Once this happens there is more exposure of dentin below; typically it looks gray or yellowish when compared against youthful smiles! This can also happen because certain foods/drinks stain on top of what's already been exposed from normal eating habits like red wine (which stains) , tea etc...

Who isn’t eligible for teeth whitening?

Before Dr. Shi starts whitening your teeth, he must examine them and fill in any cavities first! An unfilled cavity would allow the agent to seep into that area where there's decay already present

What can you expect during a teeth whitening?

Your first visit to see optimal results typically requires one or two more visits.
First, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned by an experienced hygienist during the standard dental cleaning session in order for Dr. Shi's gel containing hydrogen peroxide can work its magic on you. He then applies this special whitening agent which is safe but much stronger than any over-the counter product available today.

Teeth Whitening in Chinatown, NYC