Long Distance Patients

Long Distance Patients

If you are travelling to NYC for treatment from other states or countries, Centre Dental is experienced to accommodate your schedules and provide as much treatment as possible on a single visit. Our CBCT, Cerec, 3D printers will enable us to complete most treatment in one day. For more complex treatment plans, we will minimize the number of visits needed.



Invisalign is one of our featured services. Dr Shi was on doctor panel for Invisalign R&D. He has many years of orthodontic training. If you are a long-distance patient, he will provide virtual care and tailor the treatment plan to 2-3 office visits.

Crowns Veneers Bridges

If you need root canal treatment, crowns, veneers or bridges, a same day service will be provided by using the Cerec system. An AI-designed accurate and natural looking ceramic crown can be made while you wait. You can even join Dr Shi to design your crown your way.

Implants in Two Visits

Implant can be placed (if bone condition permits) on the same day if you give us a few hours to take CBCT X-Ray, Teeth scan and to make an AI-designed surgical guide. After 6 months, you return to receive abutment and crown.

All-On-X full Arch Implant Bridge

If most of your teeth are failing, it makes great sense to do a full arch restoration using about 6 implants. It may involve at least 5 visits to complete, but you will come in with failing teeth, and walk out with full arch fixed temporary implant bridge (PMMA). You can resume normal activity in a few days. We will provide a remote consultation for you to make sure you are a candidate for all-on-x implant bridge.

Other Procedures 

Procedures such as cleaning, deep cleaning, fillings, gum treatment (Pinhole gum rejuvenation or gum surgery), tooth extractions (including wisdom teeth), root canals, etc can be done on a single visit, if you inform our office beforehand to make special arrangement.

Driving to NYC

We do not recommend driving to NYC. But if you choose to drive, please call our office for parking advice. Meter parking is very limited so you should consider using a garage. For weekdays, you need to arrive before 10 am so you may be qualified for the early-bird rate. There is limited free parking on the street on Saturdays if you arrive early, and some meter parking is also possible. The best time to drive to our office is Sunday morning before 10 am when traffic is light, and free street parking is available. Remember all meter parking is free on Sundays and major holidays.

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